Yaounde: Dozens of Abandonned ID Cards on the Streets

The identity cards said to be still valid have raised questions as to their origin and how they got to be abandoned on the street.

Hypothesis that it could have been from a police station have been dispelled by witnesses who say the cards were produced in diverse towns and regions of Cameroon.

The cards are varied. Old and new alike. National identity, voters’ and even complementary cards left at the mercy of the sun.

Residents of the Melen neighborhood in the Yaounde 5 municipality found the items spread on the streets on Wednesday 31 August.

The origin and how the cards found their way to this part of town under a tree are questions seeking answers.

Thursday morning, the space is empty.

No ID cards in view. The official documents have found a new home, the Yaounde 5th police district.

Officials here say the documents will be forwarded to the central police station with a report of where they were found. This happens at a time when acquiring an identity card in Cameroon has become a real hurdle.

A similar incident was with passports.

Source : crtv.cm (Elvis Teke)